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Die Sir Peter Ustinov Stiftung hat sich für Sie schick gemacht.

Vermutlich haben Sie es schon gemerkt: auf unserer Webseite hat sich eine ganze Menge getan und auch unser Design hat sich ganz grundlegend verändert. Wir haben in den letzten Wochen also fleißig gewerkelt, um Ihnen Ihren Online-Besuch bei der Sir Peter Ustinov Stiftung einfacher und übersichtlicher zu gestalten.

In Zusammenarbeit mit unserer Design-Agentur finalart aus Langen ist dabei eine Webseite entstanden, die ihren Fokus noch deutlicher auf unser Hilfsangebot mit einer besseren Basisversorgung, Schulbildung und kreativen Projekten für Kinder in schwierigen Lebenssituationen legt. Erkennbar ist dies nicht nur an unserem neuen Logo, das eine gebende und eine nehmende Hand symbolisiert. Auch unser neues Motto „Die Welt mit Freude verändern!“ bringt auf den Punkt, was unserer Stiftung so am Herzen liegt: Kindern durch den einfachen Zugang zu Bildung und Kreativität eine Perspektive für ein Leben in Freude und Sicherheit zu geben.

Schauen Sie sich doch einfach mal ein bisschen bei uns um und lernen Sie dabei unser Stiftungs-Team, die Familie Ustinov und das weltweite Ustinov Netzwerk mit seinen zahlreichen Angeboten für Bildung und gegen Vorurteile kennen. Dabei wünschen wir Ihnen viel Freude!

Willkommen auf unserer neuen Website!

Vermutlich haben Sie es schon gemerkt: auf unserer Webseite hat sich eine ganze Menge getan und auch unser Design hat sich ganz grundlegend verändert.

Donations and aid for Ukraine - A bridge of solidarity

The town of Erzhausen near Frankfurt, home town of one of our employees, organised aid for their Ukrainian twin town - the Peter Ustinov Foundation was happy to help.

In memory of Jona von Ustinow

A „stumbling stone“ (Stolperstein) in memory of Jona von Ustinow, the father of our founder, can now be found in Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin.

About Children, Worlds, Cultures, Βridge Builders and about Happiness

An Interview with Ali Tasbasi, Executive Board Member of the Peter Ustinov Foundation.

„Ustinov Creative Suitcases“: Together for a Colourful World

Our Ustinov team has packed 100 creative suitcases. With pens, chalk and a colouring book, the suitcase is well filled to get creative.

The Art of Change - "Manifesting the New" in Cape Town, South Africa

Our project partner, the Butterfly Art Project (BAP) in South Africa, helps children in the township of Vrygrond in Cape Town to shape a hopeful future for themselves.

50 new tracksuits for the Love Bugs in South Africa

We are happy about these new pictures sent to us by our project partner "Butterfly Art Project" in South Africa.

Time for Sir Peter. On the occasion of the 100th birthday of our founder.

The year 2021 is a very special year for the Peter Ustinov Foundation. On 16 April, Sir Peter Ustinov would have turned 100. To mark this occasion, he also leads the series of jubilarians in the feature section of the first edition of DIE ZEIT in 2021. Enclosed is the beautiful tribute to Sir Peter.


The children in Kenya are happy and so are we! The Kenyan health authorities gave their approval for the reopening of the ECD schools (pre-schools) in Mombasa and rural Butere.

Ustinov: The universal genius

Emperor Nero made him famous 70 years ago: Sir Peter Ustinov, the world renowned actor, would have celebrated his 100th birthday in 2021. Matthias Greuling on our founder in the Wiener Journal of 5.3.2021.


We are happy for the children in Butere. Finally they can go to their pre-school again.


We have been supporting the aid project Teatro Trono of the COMPA Foundation (comunidad de productores en artes) for six years. Children and young people in El Alto, a suburb of the Bolivian capital La Paz, are strengthened in their personal development through theatre education.

A safe home for children in Uganda

The Deseret Community School in the village of Kyamagwa near Jinja/Uganda provides two rooms so that 15 children have a protected home.

Ali Taşbaşı new board member of the Peter Ustinov Foundation

Since the beginning of the year, the Peter Ustinov Foundation has been led by a dual leadership. Ali Taşbaşı now joins Marie Korbel on the board of directors.

Mobile teachers visit school children at home

Still our ECD (early childhood education) school in Butere village, #Kenya, is closed. Only a few #children in the final grades are still allowed to attend school.

EVERY DONATION COUNTS! New grasshopper plague threatens livelihoods in Ethiopia

The situation is alarming: according to a report by the GRFC (Global Report on Food Crisis), 8.5 million people in Ethiopia are experiencing food insecurity this year. That means they are starving!

„Let´s go and do it“

Biologist, sculptor, brilliant inventor. In the Swiss countryside, Igor Ustinov has tapped a source of raw energy.

"Mystery of reality"

Biologist, sculptor, inventor: Igor Ustinov on his legendary father, his grandfather's plot to murder Hitler and how he wants to save the world with PET bottles. Published in the Swiss weekly newspaper "Weltwoche".

Grannies as life savers

Especially now, in times of the Corona crisis, it is evident how much the different age groups need each other. The older generation relies on the support of the younger one.

Happy beginning of summer in Hamburg Billstedt

No more music, no more concerts, no more music lessons - for the many children in the Hamburg district of Billstedt, nothing has worked since the Corona measures in March. It's great what the organisers from the Stiftung Kulturpalast Hamburg and our project partner "Klangstrolche - Music for Every Child" have planned for this summer at home.


MAX - The Max Grundig Clinic's health magazine in an interview with Igor Ustinov about the Peter Ustinov Foundation established by his father and him (issue 03 | 2020).

Flood in Kenya: More than 100,000 people have lost their homes.

In Kenya, thousands of people are currently in existential distress and are in urgent need of your support.

German Influencer Award. Donations in favour of the Peter Ustinov Foundation

Influencing changes the world we live in. Influencing makes us less dependent on preconceived information and media. It helps us to make better decisions in our lives.

The people in Nepal need support again!

After the devastating earthquakes in 2015, the majority of the Nepalese population lives in poverty and insecurity. However, the situation in the country has become even worse due to the Corona crisis and the measures that went along with it.

Craft materials for children in South Africa during the lockdown.

The Corona pandemic has become a global challenge. Millions of people are suffering from the lockdown, especially children in South African townships.

MY SCHOOL TOOL-BOXES for children in Frankfurt.

What to do during the Corona crisis? That is what many parents ask themselves who are forced to stay at home with their children.

Help against hunger and need in Kenya

The situation of the poor in Kenya has worsened since the curfew imposed in the course of the Corona crisis. Schools were closed on 16th March.

We need you - especially now!

The Peter Ustinov Foundation has launched countless aid projects in more than 20 years. Due to the Corona crisis, all facilities worldwide are now being closed.

New education places in Bhutan

The Choki Traditional Art School in Kabesa, Thimphu, is pleased to announce that it will again be offering numerous places for boys and girls to study arts and crafts in 2020.

„Kunstschätzchen“ discover Van Gogh

"Making Van Gogh" was the title of the major exhibition at Frankfurt's Städelmuseum in winter 2019 and 2020, which focused on the creation of the "van Gogh myth" around 1900 and the significance of his art for modernism in Germany.

Outdoor art lessons in Ethiopia

For the #children in Hawzien, Ethiopia, it is by no means a matter of course to experience art lessons. Thanks to the support of the #Peter Ustinov Foundation, the Waldorf School "Bruh Tesfa" (Bright Future) can offer art and handicraft lessons to all children.

Igor Ustinov | Artist. Inventor. Storyteller

Chairman of the Foundation Board and co-founder of the Ustinov Foundation, Igor Ustinov, is featured in the latest issue of "The FRANKFURTER" with an exclusive interview (...)

Fresh news for the new year

To get you in the mood for the new year 2020, we have a particularly nice interview with Igor Ustinov on Rhein-Main TV. In the video you can see Igor Ustinov in conversation with Edmund Stössel. The result is an exciting dialogue about the work of the Peter Ustinov Foundation. Heartfelt concerns such as mutual respect, sustainability, help for children in difficult life situations and the Ustinovs' unwavering optimism are mentioned.

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