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Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation: Our sponsorship projects

Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation: Our sponsorship projects

The Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation supports projects worldwide that give children in difficult life situations better educational opportunities. We aim to give children a better perspective for a successful future – and thus to create a world of tolerance, open minds and mutual respect.

We support projects

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… with a clear focus!

Basic needs
We support projects that fight hunger and provide children with reasonable health care.

Education and Creativity
We support children worldwide with extensive educational opportunities and encourage them to develop their creative talents.

Openness & Tolerance
We are committed to a world without prejudice, and with mutual respect.

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… worldwide!

Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana

Bhutan, India, Nepal

Germany, Romania, Ukraine

South America
Bolivia, Nicaragua

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… according to transparent criteria!

  • Projects for children and young people that have an educational aspect as well as creative training activities.

  • Sustainable Projects.

  • Direct education and training projects that contribute to giving young people who are culturally or socially disadvantaged the chance of an independent future.

  • Projects that do not exclude anyone from education, but strive to integrate children from all social and cultural backgrounds.

Several funding projects of our foundation

Learn more about the many projects we have been able to accomplish in the name of Sir Peter Ustinov with the help of numerous supporters.

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You can download our complete funding criteria here.

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Sir Peter Ustinov Stiftung

Hochstraße 49
60313 Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: +49 69 27221740

Donation account

Postbank - a branch of Deutsche Bank AG
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